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"I didn't even consider another designer for my children's book after I talked with her. The book she ultimately created surpassed anything I could have envisioned when I first started Lilies on the Moon. She is the only designer I will ever consider for future books."

Robert Kurkela,

Lilies on the Moon and

Still Her Spirit Sings


"Janice was professionally adept in helping to determine my individual author needs and self-publishing goals for my books, as well as guiding me in developing a stronger platform and improved social media presence. Janice is very personable and approachable; her caring and expertise were invaluable!"

          Kathryne Arnold,

The Resurrection of Hannah, and 

The Fear of Things to Come

(Samantha Clarke Mystery Series)


"Janice is one of the most efficient, pleasant, knowledgeable people I have ever had the privilege of working with. She not only works diligently and with an excessive amount of knowledge and creativity, but she truly cares about every aspect of the work she is involved with. By this I not only mean the work itself, I mean the person she is working with, the characters she brings to life and the careful selection of the words which represent those characters. Books are obviously a real passion for Janice. She reaches into the world of each book and lives the experience fully and then takes them into the outside world. She works to make sure they are ready for presentation and prepared to be well-received by others. Janice has a unique gift – the whole package – enjoyable to work with and a fabulous professional with exceptional results. You will not regret working with her, in fact, you will enjoy the experience start to finish."

          Judy Dulberg,

Center Rock Publishing


"Welcome to the whimsical world of Janice Phelps Williams. Janice illustrated and designed my children's book, The Belly Button that Escaped. It has been a joy working with her. The attention she pays to her craft is incredibly meticulous. She creates worlds of color and excitement out of worlds of words. I can't recommend Janice highly enough! "

          Charles Zigman,

The Belly Button that Escaped,

Allenwood Press

"With Janice’s skill, the beautiful photographs that illustrate Bark! Bark! Bark for My Park! are now exquisitely formatted with designs not usually found in children’s picture books. Every child, every adult, seem to open this book reverently, commenting on its beauty, connecting with the little canine conservation hero."

          Jessica Dimuzio, VMD,

Bark! Bark! Bark for My Park!,

Nature Tails and Trails Publishing

"My highest praise I give to Janice Phelps Williams, my book designer, inside and out, editor-in-chief, proofreader, illustrator, copy writer and coach. Her experience and keen insights kept the book on track, on time and within budget."

          Thomas A. Dyke,

Mama Moves In:

5 1/2 Years of Eldercare in My Home


"Still Her Spirit Sings is lovingly embellished with spare, haunting portraits of daily details of the life of Spirit. ...especially treasured by parents and children who have experienced the loss of a beloved pet."

          Midwest Book Review,

Robert W. Kurkela,

Still Her Spirit Sings,

Kidzpoetz Publishing

"Thank you for being an amazing book shepherd. The book is a dream come true."

Denny Stockdale,

Conversations from The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop

"I really like the job you did and the creativity in the design. The little scrolls above and below the quotes, and the sidebars were a very nice touch. The words you chose to put in them made it evident you have read my work. Nice job."

          Rob Luka,

How to Help Children Overcome Fear in a Medical Setting

"Janice Phelps did a wonderful job of taking a very rough draft and turning it into polished book.. What made her so special, though, was the time she took to guide a novice writer through this long and sometimes frustrating process so important to the finished product. To say that Janice went above and beyond the normal scope of her job would be an immense understatement."

          Andrew Hoodwin,

Aging Is Not an Option

"My professional association with Ms. Phelps has been one of complete satisfaction. ...Ms. Phelps is one of the most capable business people I've met. She maintains a very high standard and makes sure her product is the best that it can be. There were occasions when I would have settled for less, but she guided me to a wiser course of action, for which I am most grateful. ... I recommend her to anyone who is planning a book publishing activity."

          Beverly Breakey,

Choose Life! Living Consciously in an Unconscious World

"You do great work."

          Richard Minich,

The Quest for Girthra, Becoming a Musky Hunter, The Accidental Musky, Fireships and Brimstone, Girls Before Swine, Dread Upon the Waters,

All Esox Publications

"Janice Phelps edited my book, When Life Blows You Down. She did a fantastic job with all aspects of the editing process (spelling and punctuation), including making great suggestions with some of the copy and sentence structure. Janice's work is thorough and she completes it in a timely manner. She does what she says she will do and most importantly, she loves what she does. On a scale of one to ten, I give Janice an 11 for the wonderful work she has done for me. I will definitely use her services again in the future."

Bill Dyer, President,

Quantum Leap Resources. 

When Life Blows You Down, 


"I haven't ever worked with anyone so caring, dedicated and up-beat. Janice not only took my manuscript, cover design and website and made them come alive, beautifully, she did it with obvious joy. She is such a pleasure to work with, I wouldn't ever think of using anyone else for any of my book ventures."

Tina Volpe,

Canyon Publishing,

The Fast Food Craze: Wreaking Havoc on Our Bodies and Our Animals


"A special 'thank you' goes to Janice Phelps, a wonderful editor and friend whose professional candor always seems to make anything I write even better."

Bud Boughton,

The Missing Piece and

Dad's Last Letter


"The book finally arrived yesterday! It has been . . . well worth waiting for. You've done a magnificent job and I'd recommend you unconditionally."

Carol Kornmehl, M.D., F.A.C.R.O.,

The Best News About Radiation Therapy: How to Cope and Survive


"Janice Phelps helped us get our project off the ground. She provided invaluable feedback and editing skills, which made The Day the Trash Came Out to Play such a success. Thank you!"

Ezra's Earth Publishing


"A quick look at that book demonstrates the breadth of skills that were required for this project. Janice assembled an expert team of production personnel. Then, both personally and in concert with them, she directed and oversaw the design of the front and back covers, the layout and editing of the text (40,000 words), the incorporation of ten illustrations, and the reproduction of 123 before-and-after photographs. This was particularly difficult because, in addition to the usual requirements, scientific accuracy had to be preserved. Her eagle-eyed editing and attention to detail dominated the entire process. She knew when to concede and when to hold firm, and she did it with humor, tact, and eternal optimism. Despite all of us working under deadlines, she bent over backwards to accommodate several changes that I wanted, some at the last minute, and managed to do so within the time-frame that had been discussed at the onset of the process. The result of all this, a book which is both beautiful and accurate, speaks for itself.


"Her influence, however, has gone well past the book production itself. An unending resource, Janice seems to be thinking constantly about all aspects of the book, starting with the production but extending to the marketing, distribution, and publicity. Months after the job she contracted to do was apparently completed, she continues to come up with ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and strategies. From websites to networking, people to call, or e-mail, the continued input she offers is truly impressive.


"In summary, from start to finish, Janice has been outstanding in every aspect of book production that was agreed upon many months ago, and lots more that I never expected her to be involved in.


"It's been a pleasure to work with her. I recommend her highly and without reservation."

Alan M. Engler, M.D.,

BodySculpture: Plastic Surgery of the Body for Men and Women,

Hudson Publishing.

"I am writing this letter to endorse the work of Janice M. Phelps. Ms. Phelps recently edited and produced a consumer book on vein disorders on my behalf. I found her work to be exceptional. She guided the manuscript through various editorial revisions, printing and the subsequent culmination with distribution. I found the quality of her and her associates' work to be of highest regard. I could find no fault in her involvement in this project. She as an individual is quite courteous and responsible and more importantly lives by her word."

Louis B. Ostrow, M.D.,

The Vein Center


"You are my angel in producing a wonderful book!"

Priscilla Marotta, Ph.D., Women of Wisdom, Inc.


"Everyone at Windsor-Brooke Books appreciated your assistance with all aspects of managing the Princess Sultana's Circle project, including our 50,000 print run. You and your staff were conscientious from the beginning and it was plain to all of us at WWB that you wanted nothing but the best for the book."

Steve Fehlenberg, President, Windsor-Brooke Books,

publisher of NYTBSA Jean Sasson's

Princess Sultana's Circle and Ester's Child 

"As a first time writer, Janice Phelps provided me with invaluable guidance in completing my novel. In addition, Janice helped make my transition from writing to the business of writing, a smooth one. I was especially pleased with the cover she created for my novel. I would not hesitate to recommend Janice’s services to any writer."

J. Everett Prewitt, Northland Publishing,

Snake Walkers

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