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Sheldon, the Writer, written by Judy Dulberg (2014)

Sheldon, the Writer is a children's picture book which tells the story of Sheldon a penguin in Brooklyn, NY who learns to read and write and would like to have his story made into a book. It explores rejection, determination and believing in dreams – a perfect book for children of all ages and anyone who is a writer or dreamer.


The Belly Button that Escaped, written by Chuck Zigman (2013)

Fourth grader Artie MacGivillray has a big problem: His belly button escaped, and now there's a hole in his life - for real! Will Artie's tiny friend come back? Find out when you read The Belly Button that Escaped.

Two True Blue Dragons, a picture book written by David Boyce (2012)

The village of King's Point was blessed with two blue dragons. These beautiful creatures soon grew up and everyone loved them. Things couldn't have been better. But one day the Warlords from Juno decided to pay a visit to King's Point. Will the dragons be able to help King's Point defeat their sworn enemy?

Still Her Spirit Sings, by Robert W. Kurkela (2010) 

The journey of a dog's life begins with her sudden arrival as a puppy. We watch as she earns her name, takes her first bath and chews her way around the house. As she grows, we penetrate her eyes, learn her moods, observe her quirks and witness her loyalty. When she unexpectedly falls ill and dies, we feel the grief a family goes through. Grief then transitions to reverence as we reflect on how Spirit and all dogs teach us lessons of life and love that stay in our hearts long after they die. With humor and tender reflection, Robert W. Kurkela describes a dog who embodied an unforgettable mix of joy, compassion, adventure and mischief. The spiritually uplifting and sensitive verse is thought provoking and is accompanied by whimsical, light-hearted illustrations. Still Her Spirit Sings will appeal to parents and children of all faiths who have mourned the loss of a beloved animal.

Published Photographs:

A Season of Industry, Poems by Mark Van Aken Williams and Photographs by Janice Phelps Williams, Tyler's Field, 2012. 

Illustrations in a Poetry Book:

Alive as the Grave, Poems by Mark Van Aken Williams and Drawings by Janice Phelps Williams, Tyler's Field, 2014. 


Published Nonfiction:

Open Your Heart with Pets: Mastering Life through Love of Animals; Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist, Pets Category and Inspiration Category, 2008.

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