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Books Brought to Life​

Services on the following projects included one or more of the following: cover design, page design, illustration, editing, proofreading, publishing, ebook formatting, print management, and/or marketing to agents, publishers, bookstores, or readers.

1. The Accidental Musky by Richard Minich
2. Aging is NOT an Option by Andrew Keith
3. Alive as the Grave by Mark Van Aken Williams
4. The Ant and the Elephant: Leadership for the Self by Vince Poscente
5. Ascent from Darkness by Steven E. Wilson, 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist
6. The Aviator's Apprentice by Chris Davy
7. Baby ED: The Enriched Development Program by Lilah LeBouef
8. Baby Matters: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Caring for Your Baby by Dr. Linda Folden Palmer 
9. Bark! Bark! Bark for My Park by Jessica Dimuzio, DVM and Johnny Angel, SCBWI INT’L KIMBERLY COLEN MEMORIAL GRANT 
10. Becoming a Musky Hunter by Richard Minich
11. The Belly Button that Escaped by Charles Zigman 
12. The Best News About Radiation Therapy: How to Cope and Survive by Carol Kornmehl, MD
13. Beyond the Edge: A Backpacker's Journey Around the World by Mike Dennison
14. Bicycle Journeys with Jerry by Jerry Dusterhoff, 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist
15. The BigHeds’ Adventures: The Broken Law by Tumeka Harris
16. The BigHeds’ Adventures: The Goody Bag by Tumeka Harris
17. The BigHeds’ Adventures: Home Sweet Home by Tumeka Harris
18. The BigHeds’ Adventures Teacher’s Guidebook by Tumeka Harris
19. The BigHeds’ Adventures: Trouble in Paradise by Tumeka Harris 
20. The BigHeds’ Adventures Workbook by Tumeka Harris
21. Bird Flu: Expert Advice to Help You and Your Family Stay Safe by Bradford Frank, MD
22. Bird Flu: Overview and Economic Considerations by Bradford Frank, MD
23. A Bit of Earth by Gordon Ward
24. The Bloody War, Mate by John Mantle
25. The Blue Star Millennium by David Gau-ghan 
26. Blueprint for Theocracy by James Sanford
27. BodySculpture: Plastic Surgery of the Body for Men and Women by Dr. Alan Engler 
28. Bow Wow Wow! Green Beans Now! by Jessica Dimuzio, DVM and Johnny Angel
29. The Burlesque of Graceless Acting by Mark Van Aken Williams 
30. Business Start-Up Handbook: Guidelines and Pitfalls by Peter C. Sundt 
31. The Busy Mom's Ultimate Fitness Guide: Get Motivated and Find the Solution that Works for You by Cathy Moxley
32. California Journal of Science Education: Controversy in the Classroom II: The Environment 
33. California Journal of Science Education: Controversy in the Classroom II: Evolution 
34. California Journal of Science Education: Evolution and the Nature of Science 
35. Cancer: How Will I Get Through This? Stories of Hope from Survivors and Caregivers (1st Ed.) by Kevin Molloy 
36. Category Five published by Nightbird Press
37. Celebrating, Honoring, and Valuing Rich Traditions: The History of the Ohio Appalachian Arts Program by Wayne Rapp (Ohio Arts Council) 
38. Challenge Cancer and Win! by Kim Dalzell, Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Award Finalist
39. Changing Times: Women’s Stories 1902–1942 by Kim Wulfert
40. Change Your Life through Travel: Inspiring Tales and Tips for Richer, Fuller, More Adventurous Living by Jillian Robinson
41. Choose Life! Living Consciously in an Unconscious World by Beverley Breakey
42. The Church: Connecting the Dots, Your Role in Completing the Picture by Bob Kraft and Jim Goebel
43. The Circuit by Jacquieline Davis 
44. Come Mournin’: The Great South-North Migration & Its Impact on a Sharecropping Family by Bonita Evans, PhD 
45. Computers as Tutors: Solving the Crisis in Education by Frederick Bennett, PhD 
46. Construction Soul by E.R. Margis 
47. The Cow in Apple Time, published by Beekman & Hathaway
48. Cyberlies by John Lucich 
49. Cyclops Awakes: A Newspaperman Fights Back After a Massive Stroke by John Mantle
50. Dad's Last Letter by Harold "Bud" Boughton
51. Dancing with the Beloved: Resurrecting Divine Sexuality through Profound Relatedness (1st Ed.) by Patrick Donovan, ND
52. Day Camp from Day One, published by the American Camping Association 
53. The Day the Trash Came Out to Play by David M. Beadle published by Ezra's Earth Publishing 
54. Days of Elijah by Eliza Earsman 
55. Dead Doc: A Fatal Professions Mystery (1st Ed.)
56. Drawn to the Living Water by Wayne Rapp, Rick Hatem, Anne Rapp
57. Dread Upon the Water by Richard Minich
58. The Drum of Immortality: Compassion of Buddha, Christ & Compassionate Conservatives by Hugh Fincher
59. An Earth-Filled Stare by Joe Lavelle 
60. Eden’s Truth: A Message for the Year 4000
61. The Entry Level Guide for Recent Grads: Creating a Foundation for Career Success by Elizabeth A. Riordan
62. Estate Planning Success™ for Pennsylvania Residents by Mark James ~ 2003 BEN FRANKLIN AWARD WINNER
63. Ester's Child by NYTBSA, Jean Sasson 
64. EyeScapes: Plastic Surgery of the Eyelids by Alan M. Engler, MD
65. Fabler’s Legend by Kirt Hickman 
66. The Face of Consciousness: A Guide to Self-Identity and Healing by Patrick Donovan, N.D. and Herb Joiner-Bey, N.D.
67. The Fast Food Craze by Tina Volpe, Canyon Publishing 
68. The Fear of Things to Come by Kathryne Arnold
69. Fearless & Persuasive Speaking by Ken Bradford
70. Freddie Girl by Nona David, published by Bernard Publishing
71. Few Are Chosen by Ralph Sorensen (project management) (fiction)
72. Fireships and Brimstone by Richard Minich, All Esox Publications, 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist 
73. Fishy Friends by Michael Patrick O’Neill for Batfish Books
74. Free Cell Game Solutions #1 by Martin De Muro
75. Geography: The Complete Study Guide for the National Geographic Bee by Brij S. Khurana 
76. The Ghosts of Anatolia by Steven E. Wilson (book design) (historical fiction) 2010 FOREWORD MAGAZINE’S BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNER (GOLD)
77. Gimme Five: Increase Your Income, Enrich Your Life, and Have Fun Doing It! by Josie Melo 
78. Girls Before Swine by Richard Minich, All Esox Publications
79. Give It To Me Straight! Questions and Answers for No-Nonsense Nutrition by Dr. Kim Dalzell
80. Great Freethinkers, James Sanford, Editor, published by Metacomet Books 
81. Helping Patients Understand Risks: 7 Simple Strategies for Successful Communication by John Paling, PhD
82. Hired Gun: You’re #1 and Somebody Hates It by Robert Workman
83. Hollywood Impressions: A Look at Life Growing Up In Hollywood by Melanie Onofrio Haug 
84. The Horse with the Golden Mane by Russell A. Vassallo 
85. How to Become a Musky Hunter by Richard Minich 
86. How to Heal Your Broken Heart: The Secrets to Getting Over a Relationship Breakup or Divorce by Susie and Otto Collins 
87. How to Help Children Overcome Fear in a Hospital Setting by Rob Luka 
88. I Am Beautiful: A Celebration of Women by Dana Carpenter and Woody Winfree, editors 
89. I Am Your Emotions by John McNulty
90. I Am Your Health by John McNulty
91. I Am Your Imagination by John McNulty
92. I Am Your Self-Esteem by John McNulty
93. The Ice Pick by Howard McMillen
94. I Didn’t Order this Pink Ribbon (1st Ed.) by Alice Krumm
95. If I Am So Smart, Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Tools to Get It Done! By Brooke Castillo
96. I Must Fly! by Johnny Moore
97. International Business Marionettes by Max Beardslee
98. InVINCEable Principles: Essential Tools for Life Mastery by Vince Poscente
99. I was POISONED by my body... (1st Ed.) by Dr. Gloria Gilbére
100. Journey to the Still Point by Constance Pope
101. Journey Within: A Tale of Astral Travel by Robert Ross
102. June 2004: A Political Novel by Laurence W. Britt
103. Jumping on Water by Ted Karam
104. Keep Investments Simple but Sweet by Carol Friedhoff 
105. Keepsake Letters for Tomorrow by Sonia Gwyn
106. The Killing of Strangers by Jerry Holt
107. Knock the Hustle by Hadji Williams 
108. The Land of Curiosities by Deanna Neil, BEN FRANKLIN AWARD FINALIST, WINNER OF THE 2009 NAUTILUS BOOK AWARD; MOM’S CHOICE AWARD (silver); 2008 MOONBEAM CHILDREN’S BOOK AWARD (gold; best first book)
109. The Last Computer: A Novel by Tony Paulin 
110. Launch Out on God’s Word by Army Chaplain Albert L. Downing
111. Leaving the Hall Light On by Madeline Sharples (1st Ed.), SPIRITED WOMAN, TOP 12 BOOK PICK LIST 2015 
112. Leaving Virginia: A Bike Ride across America in Honor of Jeremy by Jennifer Herbstritt 
113. The Legend of Cropsey: A Legacy of Terror at Summer Camp by Hugo First
114. Lessons from The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop by Denny Stockdale
115. The Life and Times of Mister (1st Ed.) by JRM
116. Life on the Shoulder: A Lewis & Clark Adventure by Gordon T. Ward
117. Lilies on the Moon by Robert Kurkela
118. Little Home…beans and rice by Dulce Isabelle Gomez 
119. Longitudes by John Birkbeck 
120. Love Organs: A Novel by Bruce Walters, MD 
121. The Luckiest, Unlucky Man Alive (1st Ed.) by Bill Goss
122. Magic Honeycomb Hexagons by Lalbhai Patel 
123. Magical Story: A Teenager’s Inspiring Battle with Hodgkin’s Disease by Leslie Bowden 
124. Mama Moves In: 5 1/2  Years of Eldercare in My Home by Thomas A. Dyke 
125. Maturin’s Melmoth the Wanderer: A Critique by Henry W. Hinck, PhD 
126. Max and Menna by Shauna Kelly (1st Ed.), 2010 Foreword Magazine’s BOTYA finalist
127. Mega Options for Physicians by Dr. Brad Frank
128. Menace in the Walls by N.L. Eskeland
129. The Missing Piece (1st Ed.) by Bud Boughton
130. Most Pieces Are Scattered: Reflections of a High School Shooter by Ken Lori
131. Mr. Darwin Misread Miss Peacock's Mind by Merle Jacobs, Ph.D. 
132. Mr. Tootles and Those Oodles of Noodles by Maryceleste Clement 
133. untitled manuscript, Cary Mullen
134. My Beginning by Melissa Kline (1st Ed.), WINNER OF THE HALLOWEEN BOOK FESTIVAL 2011
135. My Sad is All Gone (1st Ed.) by Thelma Wheatley 
136. My Waltzing Egypt published by Thunder House Books, 2010 FOREWORD MAGAZINE’S BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNER (SILVER)
137. Natural Selling Concepts by Carl Bromer
138. Neptune’s Daughter: Journey into Oneness by Julie Yau 
139. No More Jealousy by Susie and Otto Collins
140. Norah by Cynthia G. Neale (1st Ed.)
141. Notes from Ohio by Bryce Merlin (Ohio Arts Council Recipient)
142. Not In My Backyard! by Dale Taylor
143. Open You Heart with Art for DreamTime Publishing
144. Open Your Heart with Basketball for DreamTime Publishing 
145. Open Your Heart with Bicycling for DreamTime Publishing, 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner
146. Open Your Heart with Gardens for DreamTime Publishing, 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist 
147. Open Your Heart with Geocaching for DreamTime Publishing
148. Open Your Heart with Martial Arts for DreamTime Publishing 
149. Open Your Heart with Pets for DreamTime Publishing, 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist
150. Open Your Heart Quilting for DreamTime Publishing 
151. Open Your Heart with Reading for DreamTime Publishing
152. Open Your Heart with Singing for DreamTime Publishing 
153. Open Your Heart with Skiing for DreamTime Publishing
154. Open Your Heart with Tennis for DreamTime Publishing
155. Open Your Heart with Winter Sports for DreamTime Publishing
156. Open Your Heart with Writing for DreamTime Publishing
157. Pain/Inflammation Matters: Recipes for Life (1st Ed.) by Dr. Gloria Gilbere
158. The Peasant Kings by David W. Dellinger
159. The Pigeons and the Witch Doctor by Heng Thung, Ph.D.
160. Planning Your Future: A Guide for Professional Women by Janet L. Skarbek 
161. The Pledge of Three by Greg Andrew Smith 
162. Poetry Pact: Vol. 1, Angela Felsted and Richard Merrill, editors
163. The Potato Chip Difference: How to apply leading edge marketing strategies to landing the job you want by Michael A. Goodman 
164. Power & Wisdom: The New Path for Women by Priscilla V. Marotta, PhD 
165. Powered by Produce by Kim Dalzell (CD insert design)
166. Purification of Wilderness Waters: A Practical Guide by David O. Cooney, PhD
167. Princess Sultana's Circle by NYTBSA, Jean Sasson
168. The Prophet of Sorrow by Mark Van Aken Williams, 2010 Foreword Magazine’s BOTYA finalist 
169. Prosperity Guaranteed: Universal Spiritual Principles that Bring Peace, Joy, & Abundance by Grace Terry, MSW
170. Pure Vision: The Magdaline Revelation by Perri Birney
171. The Quest for Girthra by Richard Minich, published by All Esox Publications
172. Rachel and the Lion by Stephanie Lainez, Storyhouse Books, 2009 BEN FRANKLIN AWARDS: THE BILL FISHER AWARD FOR BEST FIRST BOOK 
173. Raising an Adult: Strengthening the Parent-Child Relationship by Mark L. Brenner, MFT, PhD
174. The Real Thing: The 4 Essential Components of Authentic Relationships by Alan Mann
175. Receive Your Life: A Life of Purpose and Prosperity by Janice Campbell
176. Reincarnation Cards: Awakening Far Memory by John Knowles, MA and Linda Leblanc for Ger Maa Publishers
177. Rejection and Betrayal Gave Me the Strength to Succeed by Helen Gismondi 
178. The Resurrection of Hannah by Kathryne Arnold 
179. Rosie Red Bottom: A Comedian with Feathers (1st Ed.) by Donna Mann
180. Sable’s Karma: The Secret’s Out by Stephanie Deneise Brown, 2008 Indie Excellence Award Finalist
181. Safari Chronicles: Vol. I by Rick Butts
182. Scalpellino by Carol Whalin
183. A Season of Industry by Mark Van Aken Williams 
184. Shark Encounters by Michael Patrick O’Neill for Batfish Books
185. Sheldon, the Writer by Judy Dulberg
186. Should You Stay or Should You Go? by Susie and Otto Collins 
187. Skye's the Limit by Stephanie Deneise Brown
188. Smart Selling by Stan Rosenzweig
189. Smart Telemarketing by Stan Rosenzweig
190. Snake Walkers by J. Everett Prewitt, BEST FICTION: First Prize Los Angeles Black Book Expo 2005; Bronze Award ForeWord Magazine's BOOK OF THE YEAR 2005; Fiction Honor Award 2006, Black Caucus of the American Library Association, Inc.; Winner BEST BOOKS 2005 Awards USABookNews; Winner Fresh Voices Book Award 2006, Writer's Marketing Association; (IPPY) Semi-Finalist Independent Publisher Book Awards 2005; HM 2006 Hollywood Book Festival; HM 2007 NEW YORK BOOK FESTIVAL
191. Snoring from A to ZZZZ by Derek S. Lipman, MD
192. Sparrow: The Journey of Rosemarie von Wedel by Ursula Perrin 
193. The Spiritual Philosophy of the Prodigal Soul by Marge Stolte
194. Still Her Spirit Sings by Robert Kurkela
195. Stock Investing for Everyone: Select Stocks the Fast and Easy Way (1st Ed.) by Arshad Khan 
196. Stock Investing Everyone: Vol II by Arshad Khan
197. String Bridge by Jessica Bell (1st Ed.)
198. Taming Your Inner Brat by Pauline Wallin 
199. Tears and Tales for Russell A. Vassallo
200. 10 Steps to Successful International Adoption: A Guided Workbook for Prospective Parents by Brenda K. Uekert, PhD 
201. Terminal Consent: A Novel of Medical Intrigue by Michael Freeney
202. Terror Unleashed by Bradford Frank, MD 
203. There Are No Words by Mary Calhoun (1st Ed.) 2010 Foreword Magazine’s BOTYA finalist (MG) 
204. They Called Me Beautiful (updated and edited by Claire Starr)
205. This Child of Mine by therapist Martha Wackenshaw ~ 2002 BEN FRANKLIN AWARDS. FINALIST BEST NEW VOICE
206. This is a Brand New Day by Beverley Breakey 
207. Tipping for Success by Mark L. Brenner, MLF, PhD
208. To Start a Little War: The USS Kidd, the Taking of Baton Rouge by Tom Newcomb 
209. A Tribute to Our Parents and the Entire W.W.II Generation by Christopher White
210. A True Love Story by Susan Dillon 
211. The Turbo-Protein Diet by Dieter Markert
212. Turner's Defense by Chris Davey 
213. Turner's Flight by Chris Davy 
214. 23 Steps to an Effective Call Centre by Réal Bergevin 
215. 29 Days…to becoming a great listener and communicator by Richard Fast 
216. 29 Days…to your perfect weight by Richard Fast and Michele Bertolin 
217. 29 Days…to becoming a great listener and communicator by Richard Fast 
218. 29 Days…to your life without cigarettes! by Richard Fast
219. 29 Days…to save money and achieve financial independence by Richard Fast
220. 29 Days…to a habit you want! by Richard Fast
221. Two Geese Love by Mark K.; McConnell
222. Two True Blue Dragons by David Boyce 
223. Upon Silver Wings by CarolAnn Garratt
224. Upon Silver Wings II: World-Record Adventure by CarolAnn Garratt
225. Upon Silver Wings III: People and Places around the World by CarolAnn Garratt
226. Unspoken Love by Georgene Roth
227. Unsung Patriot: Guy T. Viskniskki, How The Stars and Stripes Began by Virginia Vassallo
228. Veracious Verse by Thomas Beal 
229. Venus Rain by Kirt Hickman 
230. Visions of the West by Taimur Mahmood
231. Wham! Bam! Publishing: The Strategic Marketing Plan for Authors and Publishers by Janice M. Phelps and Joan E. Phelps
232. What Saved Me by Claire Starr
233. What's Eating You? by Kim Dalzell (CD cover)
234. When Life Blows You Down by Bill Dyer ~ 2004 BEN FRANKLIN AWARD FOR BEST NEW VOICE NONFICTION
235. When Trouble Comes: Help In Facing Terminal Illness by Bob Kraft and Jim Goebel
236. Where's Daddy? by K.C. for Harbinger Press
237. Winter in Kandahar by Steven Wilson ~~ 2004 BEN FRANKLIN AWARD FINALIST FOR BEST NEW VOICE FICTION
238. With Our Own Eyes: Eyewitnesses to the Disappearance of Amelia Earhart (1st ed.) by Mike Campbell and Thomas Devine
239. Worlds Asunder by Kirt Hickman 
240. The Writer in Hollywood by Tony Blake 

241. You Are Traveling Here with Johnny Jet by Eric Leebow with John DiScala
242. You Can Buy a Business: How to Become Happily Self-Employed by Ted di Stefano
243. Asylum on the Hill by Katherine Ziff

244. Sadie Bug written and illustrated by Elizabeth Brandon

245. A Colorful Life (coloring book) by Janice Phelps Williams

246. Fantastic Dwellings (coloring book) by Janice Phelps Williams

247. Emmeline Grant and the Monstrous Beesh written and illustrated by Janice Phelps Williams

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