Birds of the World

Nonfiction book illus.

Nonfiction book illus.

Book Cover illus.

Book Cover illus.

The Will Turner Flight Logs illus.

Jackie - Spring

Open Your Heart with Quilting illus.

When Pigs Fly

Book  cover illus.

Eclectus pair

Prime Number magazine cover

Still Her Spirit Sings illus.

Book Cover Illustration

Book illustration



Shell House for Coloring Book

Fairy Dwelling

Illustration for postcard

Two True Blue Dragons illustration

Butterfly Lungs

Book Cover illustration

Two True Blue Dragons

Still Her Spirit Sings

Turner Flight Logs book illustration

Book cover illustration

From Sheldon, the Writer

The Will Turner's Flight Logs illus.

Mermaid illustration

Barbara Bear's Publishing Co.

CD Cover


Featured artist for the 2014 Howl at the Moon fundraiser for Little Traverse Bay Humane Society. This piece was incorporated into the invitations and auctioned at the fundraiser.

Postcard 2015

Nonfiction Cover Art

Country Life Magazine

Det. Fred's Office


Book Cover

Preliminary PB Illustration

Illus. Concept

Nonfiction Illustration

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